Friday, April 29, 2016

All I can say about this book is WOW, what a ride.  I have never read anything quite like this.  This is a book about mental illness from the perspective of the mentally ill character.  It was perplexing at times, but it  really showed the descent into his psychotic episode, where the real world was somehow mixed up with his delusions.  As time went by you start to see where the real world and the people around him were all a part of his delusion, as he starts to react more with the people around him in the facility his parents take him for help.  It is almost like his is coming up for air and starting to see clearly as the medication and therapy starts working.

This book helped me see what a person with schizophrenia goes through and how debilitating  it
is.  And even in the end when Caden leaves the facility he realizes he could fall back into the
same hole again.  The Captain is waiting for him.

I never have liked books about ships, which is Cadens delusion, but I found the writing was smooth, and pulled me into the story.   All in all I would recommend this book and gave it 4 stars on Goodreads.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

I just finished this book last night and wanted to post a short review.  I usually love novels and non fiction books that feature books and reading, and that's why I decided to pick up this book.  I am not really into reading about people with terminal illness, but this really piqued my interest.  I so enjoyed reading this.  This is a book about a mother that is dying from pancreatic cancer, and her son.  They both love reading, so they decide to have a 2 person book club to discuss the books they read while she is having treatments.  The books they decide to read, and how they felt about them, has a lot to do
with the mothers pending death.

This book really touched me.  The writing was wonderful.  It was literary without sounding pretentious.  It really made me want to read more literary fiction, and also to do more.  I'm not sure what 'more' is right now, but I felt a tug to make more of my life.  So this one is a winner for me and in Goodreads I gave it 5 stars.  I am sure this will be in my list of favorites for 2016, if not my number one favorite for the year.   

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

    My new book blog...

Hi, and welcome to my new book blog.  I intend to post my thoughts on the books I read here, along with book hauls, and perhaps book tags I have come 
across on BookTube or Goodreads.  I probably won't have too many book hauls of physical books at least, as I do most of my reading on my Kindle.  I will also do my monthly wrap ups and occasionally a full review.  
Right now I am just kind of playing it by ear, as I am new to this.

This week I have just finished Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel.  I really enjoyed this book.  The reading was fluid, and made me feel like I was floating easily through the book.  It is a story of a post apocalyptic world where a super flu has killed 99% of the worlds population.  It goes back and forth from the past before the virus and 20 years after the virus.  The story line centers around a certain group of people and what happens to them before and after the flu.  It wasn't what I expected, but it was still enjoyable.  My Goodreads rating was 4 stars.